A rough guide to the UK farming crisis


Farming is in crisis. Farmers complain that despite subsidies they cannot make ends meet, that they are paid less than production costs and many are being driven into bankruptcy.

"The food business is far and away the most important business in the world. Everything else is a luxury. Food is what you need to sustain life every day. Food is fuel. You can't run a tractor without fuel and you can't run a human being without it either. Food is the absolute beginning."
Dwayne Andreas, former Chair and CEO of global grain trader, Archer Daniels Midland[1]

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Magazine 50-51: Housing Crisis?


This double issue of the Corporate Watch Magazine is about housing: a story of escalating privatisation and corporate gains at the expense of hard won rights for social housing; a story the intricacies of which are largely unknown. The title has a question mark after 'crisis' because, even though it's a crisis for most people, for housing corporations it's a time for profit-making, as this Magazine issue will hopefully show.

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Demystifying the Financial Sector


With the economic crisis showing no signs of retreat, and the impact of the government's aggressive austerity measures already being felt, the status of the financial sector is very much in question. However, despite five years of economic turmoil, the workings of the financial system are still bewilderingly opaque to many people (including most politicians, it seems!).

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