Besieging health services in Gaza: a profitable business


Corporate Watch's new briefing exposes how the Israeli economy profits from the siege of health services in Gaza and highlights calls from Palestinian health workers to boycott Israeli pharmaceutical companies.

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Collective expulsion: the case against Britain's mass deportation charter flights


The UK's Home Office has used specially chartered flights to deport rejected refugees and migrants en masse for 12 years now. Charter flights are becoming the standard method of conducting enforced deportations to a growing list of destination countries. There is now at least one flight a week to 'popular destinations', such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria, which are often closely linked to the UK's most controversial foreign policy adventures.

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Magazine 54: Meet the Investors


This issue of the Corporate Watch magazine is about investment and what the much-quoted and feared investors get out of it. Read the editorial for a full description of the articles inside here:

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