Managing Democracy, Managing Dissent


"an eye-opener” - Edward S. Herman

"... an excellent step... moving from insightful analysis of co-optation not into defeatism, but a renewed spirit of revolt." Stevphen Shukaitis

Price: £7.00

Corporate Watch food poster, 'Food Revolution'


Corporate Watch has produced a new poster on food systems, 'Food Revolution'. The poster describes the various problems with our existing global food systems, such as corporate control and food speculation, and outlines the socially just and ecologically sustainable alternatives, such as food sovereignty.

Price: £1.00

Making Sense of the Crisis


Making sense of the financial crisis may sound like a daunting task. Often the financial system comes across as an impenetrable web of obscure institutions and complicated transactions. Explanations of how these institutions work, what instruments they use and the impact that they have on us often get lost in the technical jargon used to talk about them. Libraries are full of economic theories and analyses used to explain or justify policies and opinions, yet they often assume readers are up to speed with the facts and debates. So is it possible to make sense of the crisis?

Price: £2.00


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