Corporate Games


The Corporate Games briefing examines the shady business of the International Olympic Committee and the corporate sponsors of the Olympics, as well as examining the effects of the games on ground, from local ecology to gentrification, from increases in border control to surveillance. It also looks at case studies of resistance to the Olympics in different cities and the new International Counter Olympics Network (ICON).

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G4S - A company profile


Hard though it may be to believe, its failure to fulfil the terms of its Olympics security contract is by no means the worst example of G4S’ work “securing your world”. Corporate Watch takes a deep breath and delves into the murky world of a company profiting from bungling and brutality on a global scale.

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Magazine 52-53: The Corporate Network


The latest issue of the Corporate Watch Magazine is out! In this issue, The Corporate Network, we look at the various claims made for social networking and how the corporate agenda behind much of it is affecting the way we interact, both on- and off-line.

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