State Crackdown on Anti-Corporate Dissent: The Animal Rights Movement


A compliation of articles produced as part of our news updates and newsletter.

How the State Protects Corporations From Dissent

Civil liberties are under threat in the UK. Successive governments are introducing an increasing amount of repressive pieces of legislation which curtail the rights of the individual. This new legislation has been, and will be, used to protect corporations against dissenting voices.

The Attack on the Animal Rights Movement

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An activist's guide to travelling to Gaza


Corporate Watch has just returned from a research trip to Gaza. You can read some of our reports from the trip here, we will be publishing more detailed articles and analysis from our findings over the coming year.

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Magazine 49: The Rules of Engagement


In 2008 Corporate Watch decided to begin writing to companies with allegations made about them by grassroots campaigners and publishing their responses. As we did so, we were drawn into several 'engagements' with companies designed to delay and mute dissent.

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