Magazine 49: The Rules of Engagement


In 2008 Corporate Watch decided to begin writing to companies with allegations made about them by grassroots campaigners and publishing their responses. As we did so, we were drawn into several 'engagements' with companies designed to delay and mute dissent.

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Whats Wrong With the Public Relations Industry


What's Wrong With the Public Relations Industry, wittily uses the metaphor of cosmetic surgery to describe the role of PR in providing a desirable, acceptable exterior to damaging corporate projects. It shows how the PR veneer simultaneously facilitates and obscures the potent relationships between the corporate sector and government, undermines protest and resistance to corporate developments and enables the dissemination of false or confusing stories through the media that detract from the true cost of socially and ecologically damaging corporate projects

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'All the Rest is Advertising': The Public Relations Industry and the Decline of Trust


'All the Rest is Advertising': The Public Relations Industry and the Decline of Trust, provides a detailed account of the emergence of the British PR industry following its early development in the United States. Chronicling the creation of PR firms by former politicians, the report reveals how PR has turned parliamentary democracy into a branch of business relations. It portrays the revolving door between the political and the corporate, and the deep inroads that business and its agenda of corporate growth have made into politics.

Price: £3.00


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