Dodgy Development: Films and interviews challenging British aid in India


India has received more British aid than any other country in the last 10 years. In a ground-breaking book and DVD of short films and transcribed interviews by Richard Whittell and Eshwarappa M, published by Corporate Watch, people affected by British aid argue that behind the pictures of smiling children and the rhetoric of development lies a different reality that seldom makes the news headlines.

Price: £3.00

Broken Promises: Why the Nuclear Industry Won't Deliver


Throughout its fifty year history, Britain's nuclear industry has consistently failed to deliver on its promises. Now, less than five years after the financial collapse of British Energy, the UK's commercial nuclear generator, the public, parliament, and the financial markets are being asked once again to believe that a new generation of nuclear power stations can produce electricity safely and without government subsidy.

Price: £2.00

Technofixes: a critical guide to climate change technologies.


This report investigates the large scale technologies that corporations and governments are putting on the table, including hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, agrofuels, electricity from nuclear, solar and wind, as well as a range of ideas to reflect the sun’s energy or remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It finds what works, what doesn’t, the present state of these industries and where they’re heading.

Price: £2.00


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